Humanistic Federation of Chivalry

Welcome to the website of the Humanistic Federation of Chivalry. The HFOC is an initiative for international cooperation of orders of chivalry. Our objective is the preservation of the knightly ideal in our present time and the future.

We have defined a set of rules for the self regulation which aim to guarantee seriousness and mutual acceptance on the basis of humanistic principles. As a knighthood federation our rules have profane nature. This does not mean that our members do not follow a christian or other religious orientation. But it is the knightly ideal which is our common ground.

Our members meet at eye level. Therefore, the Humanistic Federation of Chivalry is not the place for military hierarchies.This would not be compatible with the autonomy of the affiliated orders of chivalry and individual members.

We wish you an interesting time visiting our website and would be happy if you join our initiative.

Humanistic Federation of Chivalry

Emblem of the Humanistic Federation of Chivalry


General Convention 2015
The General Convention in 2015 took place in a country inn in Heilsbronn, the knight dubbing there in the Abbot`s Chapel from the 15th century of the former Zisterziender monastery.
Here are some pictures:

General convention 2014

The General Convention in 2014, as always carried out together with the Ordo Templariorum saecularis, found in the year once again in Munich. The meeting at the Landgasthof “Deutsche Eiche" and the Knights consecration in the church of the Castle Blutenburg. Here are some pictures of the Knights consecration:


Humanistic Federation of Chivalry

Humanistic Federation of ChivalryAlthough knights in heavy armors and feudal systems have passed away long time ago, the knightly ideal is still alive. Both old and modern orders of chivalry keep alive the old knightly traditions and the knighthood virtues.  more...


Organisation of the Humanistic Federation of ChivalryThe members of the Humanistic Federation of Chivalry meet at eye level. The HFOC organs are for administrative purposes only and take care of the communication between institutional and individual members. more...


Humanistic Federation of Chivalry MembershipOrders of Chivalry who wish to become a member organisation are requested to send a profile of the order, the rules, the constitution and the acceptance of the rules of self regulation to the Humanistic Federation of Chivalry.  more...